The Cheese Steak at the Ear Inn

December 23, 2010

The Ear Inn is one of the oldest bars in Manhattan, and I think it’s safe to say that most patrons are there more for the atmosphere than for the food. However, the Ear has one of the better bar food menus in Manhattan. Normally I order the burger, which is good unto itself, but, feeling the need for a change, I ordered the cheese steak on the “Specials” board. I was pleasantly surprised with how great it was. I think the lower your expectations are when you order a sandwich, the more surprised you are when that sandwich exceeds expectations. And this sandwich certainly exceeded all of my expectations.

This cheese steak is minimalist. It’s meat, cheese, and bread. No onions. No peppers. No extraneous toppings. The steak was of the thick variety, not the overly diced meat you get from 99 Miles to Philly. I’ve found that the thicker the steak is, the tastier the sandwich. And this was definitely the case here. Each bite had the perfect amount of all three ingredients. No bite was heavier on one item than the other. There’s just the right amount of cheese placed on the meat that it’s not running over the sides or taking over the sandwich.

The sandwich arrives open on a thick ciabatta. There’s so much meat on the sandwich that I needed a knife to properly fold it.  The ciabatta bread is a perfect choice here because it allows the sandwich to retain it’s structural integrity because it doesn’t get dampened by the cheese or the juices from the meat, which means it doesn’t get soggy or mushy. If this sandwich were on your typical roll, the back end of the sandwich would have been a greasy mess.

Washing it down with a pint of Guinness makes the meal even better. (Actually, washing down any meal with a Guinness makes it infinitely better),

The cheese steak isn’t always on the menu, so when you see it on the specials board, order it and chow down.

The Ear Inn is located at 326 Spring St.


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