The Urban Lobster Shack

January 12, 2011

The Urban Lobster Shack was one of the more disappointing lobster roll experiences I’ve ever had. The lobster is so finely diced and flavorless that tastes like it came out of a can.

The web site states that the sandwiches are made with “a touch of Hellman’s Mayo as a binder”. By “touch” they mean a whole lot, as the sandwich is not just bound together by the mayo, it is 80% mayo. The excessive amount of mayo and the overall coldness of the sandwich also mask the sandwich’s flavor, as in there isn’t any real flavor to speak of. The sandwich is so white from all of the mayo that you can’t tell where the good bits of lobster. Then again, there are no good bits of lobster (There are no chunks of claw, tail, or any other recognizable part), so it’s really not missing anything.

It was a cold, lifeless sandwich that tasted like nothing on the palate.

The sandwich came with a “salad”. Salad is in quotes because it consisted of lettuce and 1 strip of onion. Not even a cherry tomato or half a cucumber. This was one of the worst salads I have ever seen, tasted, or smelt. The lettuce was dirty and greasy. I had one bite and then threw the container away for fear of getting sick.

There are better, fresher lobster roll options out there, so don’t bother yourself with these.

The Urban Lobster Shack is located at 15 Stone St # 1. (