May 12, 2011

As previously mentioned, there’s a dearth of quality sandwich shops in the Financial District. I blame the tourists and their love of the familiar (ie, Subway, Quzino’s, etc.) After much searching, I finally came across a sandwich shop worthy of my time, energy, and appetite. The sandwiches at Zigolinis at comparable in taste and quality to Alidoro (and slightly less expensive) and give me something to look forward to when I’m in the mood for a good sandwich.

The Kitchen Sink (aka the M9) is an Italian meat lovers paradise featuring prosciutto, salami, coppa, and sopressata on a hero with provolone and roasted peppers. Putting all of these meats between hero bread makes it a very tough sandwich too eat. You’re pulling at it like an tiger trying to get zebra meat off the bone. Taste-wise the sandwich is nice, but you have to exert so much effort when eating it, that you really need to be a big fan of the meats on this sandwich to frequently order it.

On the other hand, Zigolinis produced one of the best roast beef sandwiches I’ve ever had. The sandwich itself (aka the M12) was fairly simplistic: roast beef, mozzarella, roasted peppers, and arugala on a hero. The sandwich maker carefully folds four slice of roast beef onto the sandwich and then tops it with three thick slices of mozzarella. A handful of arugula and roasted peppers are then added. Notice there’s no dressing. That’s because roasted peppers give the sandwich the juiciness that a dressing would. If you’re lucky enough to get your roast beef on the rare side, which also provides the sandwich with that missing juiciness.

The chicken parmigiana (C10) and, once again, another sandwich shop in this great city has disappointed me in its chicken pram sandwich. Not enough sauce. Not enough cheese. All of the usual suspects.

Ordering is easy, waiting on line is the hardest part. The line is quite long (In the winter it wraps around the inside of the store, in the summer the line is out the door). But it’s well worth the wait.

Don’t expect any banter, witty or otherwise, from your sandwich makers here. They’re here to make your sandwich and move onto the next sandwich. They ask no questions and create a quality sandwich in no time. Because of that, leave a dollar in the tip jar, it’s the least you can do.

Zigolini’s is located at 66 Pearl St. (www.zigolinis.com)