The Red Hook Lobster Pound

July 27, 2011

While at the Lot on Tap the other night I decided to give The Red Hook Lobster Pound a try. They offer two lobster rolls, Maine style (cold lobster with mayo) or Connecticut style (lobster and butter). I opted for Maine style as I like mayo in my lobster rolls and I like my lobster rolls cold.

I was unimpressed. This was the blandest lobster roll I’ve ever had. The roll consists of lobster, homemade mayo, celery, and undefined spices, yet none of these items give the rolls any flavor. The top of the sandwich was littered with a brown spice that added nothing to the roll other than discoloring it, thus making it look unappetizing. The roll easily fell apart, which made me eat a good portion with my fingers (I didn’t think to grab a fork for this sandwich).

After one bite it looked like there was no lobster in the bun itself, rather, all of the meat was placed on top of the roll. After careful inspection, that was the case. Barely any lobster meat was actually placed inside the bun; all of it was on top.

What’s the point of a sandwich if the meat isn’t going to be between the bread?

The staff was surly, to say the least. My roll-maker didn’t say one word to me and seemed bothered by the fact that he had to do his job and make me a lobster roll.

It’s been suggested that maybe I just don’t like lobster rolls, but I know that’s not the case. I love lobster rolls, I just hate wasting money on crappy ones. And this was an overrated, tasteless lobster roll that was not worth $16. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, I’ll try Connecticut style, maybe that’s the way to go.

This Red Hook Lobster Pound truck was located at the Lot on Tap at 30th st. and 10th Avenue. There are multiple other locations throughout Manhattan (


4 Responses to “The Red Hook Lobster Pound”

  1. #1 fan Says:

    What did I tell you about eating food from a truck??

  2. Amuse*Bouche Says:

    good to know… i’ve been wanting to try this.

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