200 Words or Less: The Roasted Leg of Lamb at ‘wichcraft

December 22, 2011

On Wednesday I had the Roasted Leg of Lamb (braised kale, golden raisins, jalapenos and lemon aioli on a ciabatta roll) form ‘wichcraft. This is a combination of ingredients I’ve never had on a sandwich, or even thought to put on one, but what a glorious sandwich it was. The lamb is cooked perfectly, it’s not dry and it has just the right amount of juice. The lemon aioli is a fantastic dressing that I’d love to try on a hot roast beef sandwich (or something comparable). My only problem was the amount of kale, there was way too much, but it’s easily picked off and I was able to tailor the amount of kale to my liking, which was a minimal amount. The lack of raisins and jalapenos had no impact of my enjoyment of the sandwich. The Roasted Leg of Lamb is only available until Christmas Eve, so get it while the getting’s good.

The ‘witchcraft I went to is located at 245 Park Avenue (on 47th St.); http://wichcraftnyc.com/; @wichcraft.


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