South Street Steaks

March 15, 2012

Based on my number one fan’s recommendation, I branched out while in Maryland and went to South Street Steaks rather than Jerry’s. It was a wise choice (and she is a wise fan). South Street Steaks offers a wide array of cheesesteaks (11 different ones in total).

Being somewhat of a cheesesteak traditionalist, I went with the cheesesteak hoagie, featuring meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and mayo. The sandwich was tasty, but not mind-blowingly good. I enjoyed eating it, but I felt like it could be better. In comparison to Jerry’s, this is definitely a healthier sandwich because the sandwich is nowhere near as greasy. The meat was sliced, which was a nice change from the ground beef I’m used to having.

My only two complaints are about the mayo and the tomatoes. Mainly, I could have used more of both. The mayo was unevenly distributed because it was at the bottom of the sandwich and I rarely tasted it.

And the tomato? One slice of tomato cut in half and each half is then put on each side of the sandwich. What’s the point of putting tomato on the sandwich if it’s just going to fall off when you take the sandwich out of the wrapper?

South Street Steaks also offers hot dogs, wings, cold cut hoagies, and fries. Even if you don’t like hoagies, you’re bound to find something you like.

South Street Steaks has two locations in Maryland. I went to the one located at 12207 Darnestown Rd. in Gathersburg, MD ( and they can be found on Twitter @whizwit.


Hands down, roast beef is my all-time favorite sandwich meat (the redder the better). This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef is manna from heaven because it specializes in roast beef sandwiches. The menu has expanded since I first went there, and I’ve only focused on the roast beef portion.

This Little Piggy is quite small. You can eat there, but there’s only counter space for five, so I recommend getting it to go. There can be some confusion when you arrive because the space is tight and the chef is also the cashier, but it’s easily managed. Also, I’ve had the same sandwich maker every time, which has given all of my sandwiches a nice consistency.


The first sandwich I tried was This Way, which is similar to a Philly cheesesteak, however, there are no peppers and onions. Instead, the sandwich is flavored with au jus. There’s so much cheez whiz on the sandwich it looks like an explosion of wiz. But this is a good thing. The cheese to roast beef ratio is exceptional, which allows each bite of roast beef to be covered in whiz. My only complaint is I couldn’t really taste the au jus. Overall a decent sandwich, but nothing really stuck out to make me want to order another one.


That Way is my favorite sandwich on the menu. It features roast beef, mozzarella, and gravy on a hero. Although I don’t normally like my roast beef to be warm, this sandwich is fantastic. The roast beef was flavorful and cooked to perfection (it wasn’t bloody nor was it over-cooked). The mozzarella is extremely fresh and perfectly stretched across the entire sandwich. There isn’t an ounce of meat without any cheese on it. The gravy gives the sandwich an added juiciness. Traveling with the sandwich is no problem, it didn’t get soggy on the walk home. Each bite had the perfect amount of all three ingredients. I can see myself repeatedly going back for This Way. I highly recommend you try it.


Recently added to the menu, “The Other Thing” is actually a pastrami sandwich. Since nothing can top Katz’s, and I’m not really a fan of pastrami to begin with, I skipped this one.


Although no longer on the menu, This Little Piggy used to carry the Something Else. It’s similar to the That Way, however, it’s got wiz, mozzarella, and French fries. French fries should not be on sandwiches and that was enough to stop me from trying this.


Instead I chose the Popeye Way (roast beef, provolone, and spinach). I did not choose wisely. First, spinach does not belong on a sandwich because it gives the sandwich a horrific taste that can only be counteracted by removing the offending taste (i.e., the spinach). I picked off all of the spinach on the second half and that made it tolerable. Second, there just wasn’t enough cheese (especially when compared to the amount of cheese on the other sandwiches). After the cheese melted it disappeared, which made it look like there wasn’t any in the sandwich. I also couldn’t taste it, but that could have been an after effect of the spinach flavor in my mouth. Finally, it was way too greasy. If it’s greasy enough for Homer Simpson to eat, it’s too greasy for me. I don’t want to be wiping my hands on my napkin after each bite.


All of the sandwiches can be ordered on a hero or a roll. Always go for the hero. It’s more expensive but you’re getting your money’s worth because it’s a bigger sandwich with more of everything on it.


It’s simple really, if you love roast beef, you’ll love This Little Piggy.

This Little Piggy is located at 149 1st Ave. ( and they can be found on Twitter @thislilpiggynyc