South Street Steaks

March 15, 2012

Based on my number one fan’s recommendation, I branched out while in Maryland and went to South Street Steaks rather than Jerry’s. It was a wise choice (and she is a wise fan). South Street Steaks offers a wide array of cheesesteaks (11 different ones in total).

Being somewhat of a cheesesteak traditionalist, I went with the cheesesteak hoagie, featuring meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and mayo. The sandwich was tasty, but not mind-blowingly good. I enjoyed eating it, but I felt like it could be better. In comparison to Jerry’s, this is definitely a healthier sandwich because the sandwich is nowhere near as greasy. The meat was sliced, which was a nice change from the ground beef I’m used to having.

My only two complaints are about the mayo and the tomatoes. Mainly, I could have used more of both. The mayo was unevenly distributed because it was at the bottom of the sandwich and I rarely tasted it.

And the tomato? One slice of tomato cut in half and each half is then put on each side of the sandwich. What’s the point of putting tomato on the sandwich if it’s just going to fall off when you take the sandwich out of the wrapper?

South Street Steaks also offers hot dogs, wings, cold cut hoagies, and fries. Even if you don’t like hoagies, you’re bound to find something you like.

South Street Steaks has two locations in Maryland. I went to the one located at 12207 Darnestown Rd. in Gathersburg, MD ( and they can be found on Twitter @whizwit.


2 Responses to “South Street Steaks”

  1. ????? Says:

    I hope you are in training because next time you come back to MD your challenge awaits!

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