Steak Sandwich from Aroma

Steak Sandwich from Aroma

I’ve fallen in love with the Classic Steak Sandwich from Aroma. (Yes, it’s a sandwich from an espresso bar, this is a no judgment zone.) It’s a small sandwich that packs an unexpected spicy, hot punch. In addition to steak, the sandwich features jalapeños, sautéed red peppers and red onions, swiss cheese, and mayonnaise. The spiciness comes from the peppers and jalapeños and they’re a great addition to this sandwich. With each bite the flavors mesh together and leaves a hot, spicy taste in your mouth because there is a perfect amount of every ingredient in every bite.

The bread is nice and thick and regardless of what kind of bread you get, the thickness allows the sandwich to stay together and retain all of its flavors. The only problem is the grease; there’s a lot of it. You’ll need a lot of napkins to keep your fingers clean before touching your keyboard if you’re eating at your desk.

The sandwich is pricey (~$11 after taxes) but well worth it. It’s something to get when you feel like splurging on a hot, filling sandwich.

Aroma is located at 205 E. 42nd St. and they can be found online at and @aromaus.