March 12, 2013

One of my first posts for this blog was a review of banh mis from Baoguette. Since then I’ve been trying to find another server of quality banh and I’ve come up short every time. Little did I know that Boi Sandwich, the very definition of a hole in the wall, would be just what I was searching for.



On my first visit I ordered a spicy shredded honey glazed beef steak banh mi with mayo, cucumber, cilantro, and daikon radish on a toasted baguette. I ordered it spicy and jalapeños were added. After my first bite I knew this was the bahn mi I’ve been missing out on. It’s compact,spicy, and flavorful. This compactness allows the flavor profile to remain consistent throughout the entire sandwich and it stays together for the duration of the meal, both of which are always a good thing for a sandwich. The sandwich’s spiciness is a wonderful addition to every bite, however, it’s a little too spicy if you eat an entire jalapeño in one bite. Just chug some milk and it’s easily dealt with.) This sandwich’sflavor comes from the well-balanced list of ingredients. There’s a perfect amount of every ingredient. It helps that the steak is perfectly seasoned and cooked. Don’t be alarmed (as I was) if you find a thick piece of fat in your sandwich. This fatty piece is included for added flavor and it’s your choice to eat it or toss it. I’m in the latter camp. The fatty piece isn’t in everysandwich, but you need to be prepared for it when it is.



On my second visit I opted for the more traditional banh mi “Saigon” featuring jamoon, VN Ham, BBQ pork, and pate on a baquette. I wasn’t as enamored with this sandwich because it’s all garnish. There looks to be only one slice of ham and one slice of pork, which means there aren’t enough slices of either. And if there’s one thing I want on a sandwich, it’s a lot of meat. The rest of the sandwich is all cucumber, cilantro, and radish which overpower every bite and they make you feel like you’re eating a salad. The only positive of this sandwich was the dressing. The menu doesn’t list what kind of mayo/dressing concoction is used, but it is a very tasty mix that goes well with the garnishes.



On a Lenten Friday I ordered the hoisin and garlic shrimp sandwich. I chose poorly. Not enough shrimp Way too much dressing. The less said about this sandwich the better.


As much as I like Boi, the sandwiches can be a little inconsistent. One day your sandwich will have a hearty amount of steak, and the next day, it will leave you wanting more. The fact that I didn’t like the Saigon or shrimp sandwich is actually a good thing, because it makes choosing my sandwich very easy.

The staff at Boi efficient and courteous, and they create affordable, quality bahn mis. However, a good source has informed me that these are overpriced, Americanized bahn mis. Odds are I’ll never make it over to Vietnam, so I’ll take the overpriced, Americanized version if it’s the only bahn mi I’m going to get.

Boi is a solid sandwich option in Midtown. However, the window to get a sandwich is limited because they’re only open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Boi Sandwich is located at 708 3rd Ave and they can be found online at