Steak Sandwich from Aroma

Steak Sandwich from Aroma

I’ve fallen in love with the Classic Steak Sandwich from Aroma. (Yes, it’s a sandwich from an espresso bar, this is a no judgment zone.) It’s a small sandwich that packs an unexpected spicy, hot punch. In addition to steak, the sandwich features jalapeños, sautéed red peppers and red onions, swiss cheese, and mayonnaise. The spiciness comes from the peppers and jalapeños and they’re a great addition to this sandwich. With each bite the flavors mesh together and leaves a hot, spicy taste in your mouth because there is a perfect amount of every ingredient in every bite.

The bread is nice and thick and regardless of what kind of bread you get, the thickness allows the sandwich to stay together and retain all of its flavors. The only problem is the grease; there’s a lot of it. You’ll need a lot of napkins to keep your fingers clean before touching your keyboard if you’re eating at your desk.

The sandwich is pricey (~$11 after taxes) but well worth it. It’s something to get when you feel like splurging on a hot, filling sandwich.

Aroma is located at 205 E. 42nd St. and they can be found online at and @aromaus.


Blue Smoke Pulled Pork (Shea Stadium Edition)

The pulled pork sandwich at Blue Smoke at the new Shea Stadium (Editor’s Note: The author declines to use the actual name of the new stadium in any aspect of his life) fits somewhere in the middle of good and bad pulled pork. It’s bad in the sense that it’s catering to the casual pulled pork sandwich eater; the ones who are purchasing it at a baseball game for the novelty of it all. However, it’s also everything that’s right with pulled pork. The pork is tasty, tender, and juicy. You finish it and you want another one.  The sesame bun is toasted, and all of the meat fits ever-so-nicely, you’re not picking any meat off the bottom of your basket. A few pickles are provided in order to give the sandwich some extra juiciness. There are many ways to look at this sandwich, but it is truly one of the best sandwiches I have ever had at a sporting event. When you get it, try and time it so you don’t miss out on too much of the game, considering that’s what you’ve paid to see.

Blue Smoke is located behind centerfield at the New Shea Stadium (123-01 Roosevelt Ave.) and Blue Smoke as a whole can be found on Twitter @BlueSmokeNYC.

The pork bun at Kuma Inn was my introduction to steamed sandwiches, and it was love at first bite. From the bread to the meat to the sauce, this sandwich is perfect. (The pork bun features pulled pork topped with daikon and sliced scallions and a sauce of unknown ingredients.) Some complain that the pork buns are too much bun and not enough pork. I wholeheartedly disagree. I rarely had a bite that had more of one ingredient than another. All of the ingredients compliment one another to make every bite of the sandwich equally delicious. Although I’m not sure what the sauce is, it’s perfect for dipping, and it’s always best to get a little extra on the side. The pork buns come two to a plate, but you’ll easily find yourself salivating for a third (or fourth). Finally, it’s never on the menu, but it’s always on special, which means I have no idea how much it costs.

Kuma Inn is located at 113 Ludlow St., 2nd Floor ( and can be found on Twitter @kumainn_uminom.

On Wednesday I had the Roasted Leg of Lamb (braised kale, golden raisins, jalapenos and lemon aioli on a ciabatta roll) form ‘wichcraft. This is a combination of ingredients I’ve never had on a sandwich, or even thought to put on one, but what a glorious sandwich it was. The lamb is cooked perfectly, it’s not dry and it has just the right amount of juice. The lemon aioli is a fantastic dressing that I’d love to try on a hot roast beef sandwich (or something comparable). My only problem was the amount of kale, there was way too much, but it’s easily picked off and I was able to tailor the amount of kale to my liking, which was a minimal amount. The lack of raisins and jalapenos had no impact of my enjoyment of the sandwich. The Roasted Leg of Lamb is only available until Christmas Eve, so get it while the getting’s good.

The ‘witchcraft I went to is located at 245 Park Avenue (on 47th St.);; @wichcraft.