After five days in Spain, I finally found a sandwich to eat for lunch, and what a sandwich it was. The “Castillo” at the El Castillo del Gourmet on the Golden Mile in Marbella was phenomenal. The sandwich consists of an egg (over easy), bacon, ham, mayo, tomato, and lettuce in three slices of toasted white bread. Yes, I ate a glorified breakfast sandwich for lunch. I hadn’t had a sandwich in days, go with me here.

I was awestruck when the sandwich arrived because there was a hole cut out in the top making the egg yolk visible. This is the only sandwich I’ve ever had with a dome cut into the top of it. I didn’t know if I should put the dome back on before my first bite, after, or not at all. I choose not at all. After the first bite, the egg yolk runs down the side of the sandwich, covering your next bite with yolk. If you like yolk, this adds a solid amount of flavor to the other parts of the sandwich. As we all know, yolk adds flavor to bacon and ham, so this run off was a positive mistake.

The sandwich holds up well after the first few bites, but it starts to lose its structural integrity after a few bites. However, this allows you to re-make the sandwich on your own. The reason the integrity fails is the amount of mayo on the bottom half of the sandwich. There is a lot of it, but this mayo is needed once you run out of yolk.

The only real problem with the sandwich was the egg overwhelmed all of the other flavors. A week later and I can’t remember what the bacon and ham tasted like. I know they were on the sandwich, but my memory is savoring the taste of the egg and that is all. I think there was only one slice of bacon and one slice of ham on the sandwich. Although this was a “problem”, I love egg sandwiches, and I loved this sandwich. Anything other than egg was just an accessory.

The sandwich came with French fries that were nice and crispy. (Really, what else can be said about fries lately?)

Overall, this was a quality breakfast sandwich that could be eaten at any time of the day. It’s easy to replicate, and I’ll probably make it when I find myself missing Spain. If you find yourself in Marbella, Spain seek out El Castillo del Gourmet (Avenida Duque de Ahumada 8, 29602 Marbella).