December 15, 2011

On the last day on our honeymoon in Dublin, my wife and I ate a late brunch at Lemon, a crepes and coffee company that specializes in breakfast and lunch. Hungry for a sandwich, I decided on the Deli Special, a chicken sandwich with “hot streaky bacon, genuine Swiss Emmental, mixed leaves, tomato, own Dijon mustard-mayo, mixed leaves garnish, and our balsamic dressing” on white bread. Just re-reading the ingredients makes me giddy because this was a great sandwich that I will never have again unless I learn to make it myself or I get my ass back to Dublin.

Perfection on a plate

The Deli Special is basically a grilled cheese sandwich with thin slices of chicken instead of ham, but it’s a damn good grilled cheese. The bread is grilled on hot plates until it turns a nice yellow and brown. I couldn’t believe it was toasted to perfection by hand. It’s toasted with butter on a giant hotplate and this gives the sandwich the illusion that it’s between two pieces of finely made French toast.

Although the sandwich listed two dressings, I could only really taste one, and this dressing was easily my favorite part of the sandwich. The Dijon mustard-mayo was extremely spicy yet unevenly spread across the sandwich, which means you’re getting unequal amounts across the sandwich. There was no mustard-mayo in my first few bites so I quickly forgot about it. But when I finally tasted it I was taken aback by how spicy it was. This is the spicy kick I’ve been looking for in that I’ve been unable to find in the so-called “spicy” sandwiches I’ve ordered in America. It enhanced every ingredient and made me just want more. If I could buy this Dijon honey-mustard in a jar I would because it is perfect and I could see it going on any sandwich.

I’ve been trying for some time now to think of what to say about the rest of the sandwich, but I was so in love with the dressing and the bread that the rest of the ingredients are just faded memories. There was the right amount of each ingredient on the sandwich and all of it tasted fresh and delicious.

All in all, this is another one of those sandwiches where everything goes perfectly together and I have zero complaints about it. When it comes down to it, it’s really a simple sandwich. Chicken. Lettuce. Tomato. Cheese. Spicy mayo. Toasted bread. But what a great simple sandwich it is. It proves that sometimes the simplest, long-standing ingredients can be used to create great sandwich that people living an ocean away will forever crave.

This Dawson St. Lemon location is quite small, so I recommend you carry out rather than eat in. However, if you do eat in, be prepared to be in the way no matter where you’re seated. You can also try and get a table outside if the weather’s on your side.

Lemon is located at 60 Dawson St., Dublin 2 (www.lemonco.com) and can be found on Twitter @lemoncrepe.